116% increase in organic conversion rate for Danish SaaS company in the shipping industry

Core results

Soft-Team is a Danish B2B SaaS company that sells administrative IT solutions to both Danish, Scandinavian and international shipping companies. Here are the results we obtained from SEO.


Increase in organic conversionrate


Increase in CTR


New keywords on page 1


Soft-Team’s organic conversion rate was lower than they had expected, and they knew there was a lot of revenue to be made.

To optimize the organic conversion state, Soft-Team had to invest in SEO.

The execution

We worked a lot with optimizing text content on their website, as well as meta descriptions and titles to improve CTR from the organic search results.

We simultaneously implemented Sleeknote, worked with CTAs and prepared an email funnel to collect more leads and contacts.

To get their current keywords on page 1, we created fresh, engaging and textual content.

By doing this they would be able to attract more organic traffic from Google and improve the overall online visibility.

Graphic overview of results

In all SEO campaigns, we prioritize relevant KPIs – below you can see a graphical overview of the development and results that we achieved for Soft-Team.

Increase in organic conversion rate

Increase in CTR

- New keywords on page 1

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