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InnerPoint is a 100% specialized SEO agency with a twist. We stand up to the traditional SEO approach, and help our clients create a predictable organic lead generation with SEO Sprints.

We introduce

SEO Sprints Framework

Are you tired of long binding SEO contracts, lack of transparency in work efforts and slow results?

What are SEO Sprints?

The traditional understanding of SEO is that it is a long-term ongoing process and it takes many months, maybe even years, before you see results. With our SEO Sprints, we work with SEO on a short-term project basis, rather than binding contracts. We cut to the bone, and execute many months of work in 2-8 weeks.

The majority of the work in SEO is one-time efforts, which agencies often choose to extend over a long period of time, which can result in you paying for the waiting time for rankings, and not the specific efforts.


How can SEO sprints look for your business?


We are an SEO agency in Copenhagen

We operate both remotely and from our office in Copenhagen. We are currently a permanent team of 4 people, and also have our talented freelancers attached. We are 100% specialized in SEO and we do away with the traditional unethical approach to SEO with our SEO Sprints approach.

We are not fans of long binding SEO contracts, which is why we work with SEO Sprints, which are project-based efforts. However, for some of our clients, we still work with SEO every month, which we call monthly sprints.

Customers we have created results for

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Podcast by InnerPoint

Host: Casper Hornstrup

In our podcast Technology Time, we talk about the modern development of technology, automation, AI in conjunction with business development and marketing.

10 hacks to generate leads from your blog posts

In this e-book where we go in depth with how to get more leads out of your blog posts????

The e-book contains insight into:

✅ Search intent & keyword research
✅ Thought Leader content
✅ Optimization for technical SEO
✅ Strategic placement of popups
✅ Call-to-Action

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