InnerPoint is a 100% specialized SEO agency in Copenhagen

We help B2B businesses create predictable inbound lead generation via organic search

When it comes to SEO, many business owners spend time, money and resources on SEO work that unfortunately doesn’t translate into results. But as a specialist SEO agency in Copenhagen, we have a priority focus on understanding your audience’s challenges and developing a content strategy around this. SEO can thus become your company’s strongest lead channel.

Clients who have chosen us as their SEO agency

Our SEO agency works closely with our clients to understand their needs and help them achieve their goals.

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Our goals as an SEO agency

Our focus is to drive results to you from organic search

As an SEO agency in Copenhagen, our goal with any SEO campaign is to gain leads and drive revenue for your business through organic search. We prioritise and focus on SEO work that gets results.

We’re not interested in impressing you with a lot of traffic. We are only interested in creating a constant and predictable lead generation for your business, with a positive ROI.

Your success is our success.

From 10% to 52.4% in conversion rate for SaaS payment company, PurePayPayments

Innerpoints solutions

3 ways you can get our help

Our top 1 priority as an SEO agency is to create results for your business. That’s why we have 3 solutions to create the flexibility for collaboration that suits your needs.

SEO consulting

As needed or monthly

This solution is good for you who see the value in getting sparring, practical actions and strategic insights, but want to be in charge of the execution.

SEO Sprint

Project duration: 4 - 8 weeks

An effective solution for those who want to use organic search as part of their marketing mix and invest in SEO on a regular basis.

InnerPoint SEO System

Monthly work without commitment

Organic Growth is the obvious solution for you to transform organic search (SEO) into one of your strongest channels.

All in one SEO Sprint plus

SEO agency in Copenhagen

What results can you expect from InnerPoint as your SEO agency?

A selection of results we have created for one of our clients. See more cases here


Stigning i organisk trafik


Stigning i trafikværdi


Return on investment

A results-oriented
SEO agency in Copenhagen

As an SEO agency in Copenhagen that measures success in ROI (return on investment), we understand that it takes results on other metrics to get there. We therefore also measure and analyse other SEO KPIs such as organic traffic, CPC value of traffic, CTR, leads, conversion rates, etc.

Results don’t come automatically, and search engine optimisation is no longer just about keyword-rich content and strong backlinks. Google’s whole purpose with their search engine is to present the best and most relevant answer to the user’s search.

SEO Agency in Copenhagen

Achieve qualified and predictable lead generation with our SEO Sprints

Our SEO Sprints approach has resulted in helping our clients generate more leads and reach their revenue goals.

our expertise as a seo agency

How do we differentiate ourselves as an SEO agency?

ROI driven SEO Agency

Although we are an SEO agency, we do not calculate SEO success on factors like organic traffic and rising rankings. We calculate it on return on investment.

Organic traffic, page 1 rankings, etc. are obviously an essential part of a successful SEO campaign and indicators of how SEO efforts are performing. But if our clients aren’t making money, we as an SEO firm haven’t done our job properly.

People first

As an SEO agency, our focus is to create great results, but at the end of the day, we’re all human. We need to treat each other with respect, accept that we are different and see things from different perspectives, and leave room for mistakes and improvements.

Like ourselves, we see our customers as ambitious people. We help each other with honesty, good communication and constructive feedback.

Transparent approach

Are you tired of SEO agencies that make big promises and have lots of excuses when they can’t deliver? So are we. We are committed to being honest and realistic when it comes to your SEO campaign. If our clients’ SEO campaign is not performing as expected, we take a transparent dialogue and go to war with improvement .

You must become a Thought Leader

When it comes to the strategic execution of our clients’ SEO campaigns, we execute with a thought leader approach. Being a thought leader means that you are considered an authority with expert knowledge in your industry or niche. To work toward this level, we dig deep into our client’s target audience and define their pain points and transactional behaviors.

We are an SEO agency in Copenhagen

What can you expect from a collaboration?


Get a free SEO analysis

With a free SEO analysis, we give you an overview of your website’s technical SEO, domain authority, link profile and performance of your content. In addition to giving you insight into this, we use the insights to perform a traffic forecast.

Founder & SEO Specialist

Casper Hornstrup

Founder & SEO Specialist

Casper Hornstrup

our expertise as a seo agency

SEO can be a complex and constantly changing discipline. In our content universe, you'll find guides and keep up with the latest trends and best practices in search engine optimisation.


Frequently asked questions

SEO optimization is important to achieve inbound lead generation and create a lead generator that can drive results over time.

An SEO agency is a company that specialises in generating results from organic search on Google.

If your business is ambitious and wants to achieve organic growth, consider investing in an SEO agency.

As you will have read by now, our agency specialises exclusively in SEO. You may know the expression “Jack of all trades but master of none”. Some companies choose to offer many digital marketing services but don’t “master” any of them.

As a result, our daily experience is more concentrated, we see more patterns and can deliver better results, our knowledge sharing is more value-added and we can constantly optimise internal and customer processes.

Our goal is to make our clients’ investment profitable.

Absolutely no commitments, cancellation periods or fees. In fact, we at InnerPoint are strongly opposed to lock-in periods. One of our core values in our company is honesty and transparency, and we see no reason to be tied down.

There is a general understanding that SEO is a very long-term strategy and you need to work on SEO for at least 8-12 months before you can expect results. That’s why some SEO agencies choose to tie you to long contracts with notice periods. There is only one reason for this, and that is that they want to ensure that you pay them money for many months.

Of course, some keywords take longer than others, but the understanding that it takes a year to get results is wrong.

With our SEO Sprints, we’ve proven that Google responds quickly to good SEO work, resulting in our clients achieving results within months.