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Prepare your webshop for Black Friday 2021 with these 7 effective strategies

1. Prepare your site to handle traffic

Nearly 80% of customers leave a website due to a poor search experience. Since this is the last thing you expect from the big Black Friday sale, make sure your site is ready to handle the excess traffic.

Look for any issues that may be affecting the performance of your site. Correct all errors in advance so that you do not experience an unnecessary crash in the middle of the day. You can run tests weeks before Black Friday arrives and perform a complete site analysis and find ways to make your site more user-friendly.

According to a study by Google, the time it takes to load a webpage can have a significant impact on the bounce rate. This means that slow e-commerce sites will easily lose customers on Black Friday to a faster site.

Also take the help of an expert if possible and simplify your customers’ cash experience. For example, you can reduce the number of barriers in place by using the “One Click” feature.

To appeal to more people, you can also offer different payment options. Letting consumers pay as they please reduces the risk of the cart being abandoned.

There are as many payment options as Swish, Paypal and Stripe. Make sure you design a simple and user-friendly payment process.

Black Friday customers have limited time to buy all the products they want to keep. So a slow website, unnecessary obstacles in place and complicated payment process will easily make them go elsewhere.

2. Focus on excellent customer service

While preparing your website for a smooth experience, you should also pay attention to creating a smooth customer experience. It’s not easy to run a growing website, but if you’ve focused on providing excellent service, you’ll be in a better position to reach your Black Friday sales target.

Many years ago, efficient customer service was considered a good thing to have, but now it is necessary. For example, people will not have time to deal with slow responses to Black Friday, so make sure you have a well-equipped customer service team to handle the queries about different products and services.
Most online shoppers find Chatbots quite useful. For example, you can use them to communicate about a sold out product or suggest alternatives before the visitor decides to leave your online store. Chatbots are also quite helpful in telling the delivery status of any order.

But most importantly, you can use Chatbots to remind your customers of abandoned carts. This way, they can help customers complete their purchases on time. Communication is important because, according to data, 68% of visitors prefer brands that respond with quick responses.

Hire additional staff immediately

If you anticipate a large number of sales for your business on Black Friday, you may want to make sure you have enough manpower to handle orders and customer service efficiently. In that case, start hiring new people right away.

As a small or medium-sized e-commerce business, you may find it difficult to hire people at such short notice, but a little homework and early action will help you get the best party.
First, find out how many extra people you need. Then make a training plan for these temporary employees and decide on the bonuses you might want to give to encourage good performance.

4. Sell attractive gift sets

Taking the above point a step further, gift sets are always the best products to earn extra income on. But how can you follow this strategy?

Simply combine your most valued or best-selling items and increase the value of your order. How? Instead of buying a single product from your portfolio, your customers will buy different items, which will ultimately make a valuable purchase.
Gift sets are always quite attractive. The name itself persuades the customer to buy a set or two for Christmas or any other upcoming occasion.
While offering gift sets, be sure to work with the packaging and prices. These sets should look different from others and have a better presentation. You can also offer customized packaging for such items at a low price.

In addition, the prices should be enough to satisfy your customer. Make sure buyers immediately feel that it will cost more to buy the products individually than to buy a gift set.

5. Make mobile a priority

Does your e-commerce store have a layout that you can easily access via their tablets and smartphones? If you want to experience a successful day on Black Friday, be sure to make it easy for people to purchase products through their most used gadgets.

First, if you do not have an app, create one. Do you know that an app can convert 157% more people than a mobile web can? If you do not have the resources to design an app before Black Friday, be sure to optimize your site to enable laptops and mobile devices.
In a nutshell, cell phones are one of the most common gadgets that help people search various online stores. So if your site does not support this machine, you could lose lots of potential sales.

6. Make a solid shipping schedule

Many small and medium-sized e-commerce companies are unable to retain customers due to their poor shipping and return policies.
For example, Black Friday is often considered the best time to buy Christmas gifts for family and friends. However, if brands do not deliver on time, there is no way customers will take a risk to buy their products again.
What should you do to avoid this? First, you need to introduce many shipping options. For example, some companies supply products to the customer’s doorstep. However, there are still a few small e-commerce stores that ship the products to a parcel broker, and customers need to pick them up themselves.

Although the possibility of delivery at the door is quite convenient, it often takes a lot of time. On the other hand, the in-store pick-up option works great for businesses with both online and physical stores. Customers can place an order online and then pick from the store within a few hours.
No matter what shipping policy you follow, be sure to communicate everything to your customer. You need to be honest and clear on delivery dates and methods to avoid unnecessary hassle.

But what about your return policy? Shouldn’t it also be consumer friendly?
As they prepare for Black Friday, many e-commerce stores ignore the importance of a good return policy, but that does not mean you should do the same.

Many people make impulse purchases on Black Friday and then often request returns and cancellations. However, if your customer return policy is complicated, you may lose these customers and they will prefer not to buy from you again.

So instead of giving a bad customer experience, work out a policy to convert all of your returns into retention. If you are too generous, go for free returns or ask customers to buy another product in exchange first.

7. Attractive Influencer Campaign for Black Friday

As part of your social media strategy, you need to involve the power of influential people to boost the brand’s sales on Black Friday. Before contacting an influencer, however, make sure you are aware of your brand’s purpose and the type of audience you want to target. If you are not aware of these things, the influencer will not convey the right information to your target audience.
Make sure your campaign highlights the goals, which can either be to increase revenue during the Black Friday sale or to increase the number of clicks on your website.

Influencer marketing can also help you increase your conversion. For example, you can give a unique discount code to each influencer in your team and then measure the number of people who purchased the product with that code.

If you want the influencer to give their best, then involve them in your plan. Invite them to share their ideas and work together for the benefit of your e-commerce business.