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How to create your own personal email address?

How to get your own personal email address

Today it is really easy to get an e-mail address, but the address is rarely particularly professional or personal, and you typically end up with something along the lines of

In this short guide, we are going to look at how to get a personal email and why it can be a really good idea to have one.

What is a personal email address?

A personal email is an email address where you own the domain. The domain is what comes after @, so you can e.g. get an email called if you are allowed to register the domain

You probably just do not, because most good domains have already been taken, but if you are a little creative, you can easily come up with something smart. If your name is Peter Jens, you could e.g. see if or is busy, and if one of them is not, you could e.g. get an email as

Why is it a good idea to have?

A personal e-mail is a really good thing to have because it signals seriousness and professionalism e.g. if you are looking for a job. Here it is just cooler to write your contact email if it is than if it was

If you work as a freelancer or are otherwise self-employed, it is also far more professional to have a personal email rather than e.g. and Gmail.

How to get a personal email

We have already been soft on it, but to get your own email, you must of course have a domain.

Here you must check with the various domain providers whether the domain you want is available. If so, you can register the domain and then create an email on it.

The way you create an email is by purchasing email hosting for the domain. Typically, you buy email hosting and domain together.

The reason why you need to use email hosting is that the emails you receive in your email must be stored somewhere, and therefore you must rent into email hosting so that your emails can load on a server at the provider you choose.

Once you have your email hosting and domain ready, simply in the system the provider uses, create the email or emails you want. It tends to be super easy, and takes no more than a few minutes.

There are a lot of providers of email hosting and it does not cost much to have. At least it’s all worth the money to get your own personal email address.