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With a free SEO analysis, we give you an overview of your website’s technical SEO, domain authority, link profile and performance of your content. In addition to giving you insight into this, we use the insights to perform a traffic forecast.

Gain insight into potential with a free SEO analysis

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What does the SEO analysis contain?

Technical SEO

Technical SEO means looking at core web vitals, i.e. does the technical part of the website meet Google’s guidelines. In addition, we assess the speed.

Content and keywords

Insight into the performance of your blog posts and other content. We also look at what current keywords you are on and what new keywords can be achieved.

Domain and link profile

In depth with your link profile, ie links from other websites that point to yours. The number and quality of backlinks are important for high rankings and a strong domain.

+ Traffic forecast

Based on the SEO analysis, the traffic forecast provides a realistic estimate of expected traffic from SEO efforts. It can also be useful for calculating expected revenue or leads.

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Why do you need an SEO analysis?

Get valuable data with a free SEO analysis

We know, those good insightful SEO tools can be an expensive investment, especially if you’re just interested in seeing what keywords your website is ranking for, how much traffic you’re getting and a look at your backlinks. That’s why our free SEO analysis gives you insight into all those factors plus more, without having to pay for the tools. You’ll also get our recommendations on how your business should execute on SEO to achieve revenue-generating results.

Avoid wasting time and resources

With a free SEO analysis, you can gain insight into which keywords your company’s website should be targeting. In addition, SEO analysis helps focus SEO efforts on the keywords that bring your business leads and revenue, avoiding wasting time and resources on keywords that don’t produce results. We also introduce you to the search intent behind the keywords that are critical to SEO success.

Understand the value SEO can bring to your business

When it comes to SEO, it’s crucial to understand the value it can bring to your business. If you can’t see a return on investment, what’s the point? With our free SEO analysis, you can understand the potential for your website to rank higher on search engine results pages and bring you more leads and revenue. We will do our best to give you insight into how many leads and what ROI you can expect. Book a free SEO analysis now and learn more about the value SEO can bring to your business.

Expect a realistic assessment of SEO potential

With our free SEO analysis, you get our professional assessment of your current SEO situation and how to work on it in the future. We’ve created many great results for our clients, who also started with a free SEO analysis. You can expect a realistic approach to your potential, as we’d rather be on the conservative side than set your expectations too high.

You know an SEO analysis, but what is a traffic forecast?

SEO traffic forecasting is part of the free SEO analysis and is a prediction of how much traffic your website can potentially achieve from organic search results, based on factors such as historical data, current trends and keyword difficulty. Of course, we can’t control Google’s algorithms, but with the traffic forecast we come up with our most informed and realistic estimate. Traffic forecasting can also be considered as a target and a roadmap for an SEO campaign.

SEO analysis with traffic estimation

Frequently asked questions about SEO analysis

An SEO analysis is a comprehensive analysis of your website used to improve search engine optimisation on Google. It provides an insight into areas where improvements can be made to achieve better search engine rankings. However, it’s not always easy to do an SEO analysis yourself, so it can be beneficial to use a professional SEO company to do the analysis for you.

It’s important to get an SEO analysis for your business because it can help improve your ranking on Google. Search engine optimisation is one of the most important factors when it comes to increasing traffic on your website. If you’re not happy with your current ranking, an SEO analysis can give you insight into areas that need improvement.

With our SEO analysis we can also spy on your competitors and see which keywords they are working on. In addition, by looking at your competitors, we can analyse what strategies they are using and how successful they have been. This can help you improve your own SEO strategy and compete more effectively.

The SEO analysis is completely free.