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Book a free SEO analysis with personal review

With this analysis, we give you an overview of your SEO situation, provide insight into your numbers and how it can be improved. We look at the technical SEO, your backlink profile, relevant keywords and the competitors.

30 min 1-1 session, where we review your SEO situation – and come up with practical suggestions for improvement.

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What is an SEO analysis and why is it important?

An SEO analysis is an analysis of your SEO situation. We go in depth with the technical part, speed, competitors, keyword options, domain strength and link profile.

An SEO analysis is an important step in improving the visibility and ranking of your website. By understanding the factors that are taken into consideration during an SEO analysis, changes can be made to your website that will improve the rankings on Google.

SEO analysis

What does an SEO analysis contain?

An SEO analysis briefly includes an analysis of the technical SEO, content and keywords, as well as domain quality and link profile.

Technical SEO

The technical SEO means that core web vitals are looked at, ie the technical part of the website lives up to Google’s guidelines. In addition, we go the depth with the speed and how it can be improved.

Content and keywords

Content optimization includes how to optimize the website title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, images and other elements. At the same time, we look at which current keywords you are on and which new keywords can be obtained.

Domain and link profile

We also look at your link profile, ie links from other websites that point back to yours. The number and quality of backlinks are important factors for high rankings and domain authority. At the same time, we also spy on your competitors’ link profile.