Our SEO Sprints eliminate long binding contracts, undefined scope, lack of insight into concrete efforts, payment for waiting time, and the monthly auto-generated reports.

What are SEO Sprints?

The traditional understanding of SEO is that it is a long-term ongoing process and it takes many months, maybe even years, before you see results. The majority of the work in SEO is one-time efforts, which agencies often choose to extend over a long period of time, which can result in you paying for the waiting time for rankings, and not the specific efforts.

With our SEO Sprints, we work with SEO on a short-term project basis, rather than binding contracts. We cut to the bone, and execute many months of work in 2-8 weeks.

Short-term work cycles with hyper-focused efforts and faster results

Sprint Strategy

Content Sprint

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Frequently asked questions

A Sprint is focused SEO work on a project-based basis, where we run a large amount of SEO work through in a short time, rather than working with long contracts over many months.

The duration of an SEO Sprint depends on the scope. But typically it runs over 4 weeks.

No – with our SEO Sprints there is no need for binding contracts, notice periods or anything like that. You pay one amount for each Sprint.

The number of SEO Sprints depends on goals, needs and budget. With some of our clients with large domains, we work with SEO every month, while others just need 2-5 Sprints a year. It’s all about which solutions make the most sense and bring the most value to your business.

The price completely depends on your business goals with SEO. Book a free meeting with us to hear about the possibilities.