Our SEO Sprints are short cycles with focused efforts on what drives results

One SEO Sprint consists of focused efforts that are executed in a 1-2 month phase. We have a Sprint for each branch of SEO, and the model provides the flexibility for our clients to either invest in SEO regularly or continuously.

Single Sprint

Project duration: 4 - 8 weeks

An effective solution for those who want to use organic search as part of their marketing mix and invest in SEO on a regular basis.

Continuous Sprints

Monthly Sprints without commitment

Continuous Sprints are the obvious solution for you to transform organic search into one of your strongest channels.

Why is the SEO Sprint model the best on the market?

We chose to introduce SEO Sprints because we saw that SEO is very misunderstood. Unfortunately, most companies think they have to commit to long contracts and can only expect to see results after 8-12 months.
Google’s goal with the search engine is to display the best and most relevant result for the user’s search. How much time has been spent on SEO work is irrelevant.
With our SEO Sprints we cut to the chase and focus only on the work that drives results, you avoid paying for the waiting time and there are no commitments, notice periods or the like. Think of it as project-based SEO.

SEO Sprints can play a key role in your corporate marketing mix

Organic search as a marketing/sales channel does not have to be all or nothing. The flexibility of the SEO Sprints model opens up the possibility for companies to invest in SEO as part of their marketing mix.

The Sprint model can be used, for example, to achieve B2B leads/requests, product sales in the webshop or data collectionm and comparison of user behaviour with other channels, as part of an omnichannel strategy.

There are many ways in which organic search can be integrated as part of a larger marketing setup, whether for service companies or web shops.

How can SEO Sprints be used for B2B lead generation and customer acquisition?

An SEO Sprint can be used as the primary traffic source for a B2B lead generation strategy. There are several ways to go about it. One way to do this is to focus on the relevant keywords that describe your gated content, and then send traffic directly to the landing page. These can be events, courses, webinars, e-books, guides, whitepapers, etc.

Another tactic is to focus on service-specific keywords. That is, keywords that are similar to your company’s service and that the user searches on. It’s a good strategy for your B2B business if you’re only interested in getting enquiries from these people. The challenge, of course, is that these keywords are often more competitive, as they are attractive keywords with a high conversion rate.

How can SEO Sprints be used to drive product sales in your webshop?

SEO Sprints can also be used effectively to sell more products in your webshop. For example, if you have a goal to sell more products of a specific product category, you can execute an SEO Sprint on the product category keywords. In this way, you can increase traffic efficiency and ensure that more of your visitors convert to a purchase. This is of course a tactic that requires a good understanding of search engine optimization, web shops, SEO and keywords. But it’s an effective strategy, increasing traffic, good retargeting opportunities and, of course, product sales.

If you want to go straight for the sale, you can also work on getting the individual product page at the top of page 1. This means that you rank the product name and traffic goes directly to the product and thus not a regular category page. With this tactic there are very high conversion rates and it can be very profitable to be high on page 1.

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Frequently asked questions

A Sprint is focused SEO work on a project-based basis, where we run a large amount of SEO work through in a short time, rather than working with long contracts over many months.

The duration of an SEO Sprint depends on the scope. But typically 4-8 weeks.

No – with our SEO Sprints there is no need for binding contracts, notice periods or anything like that. You pay one amount for each Sprint.

The number of SEO Sprints depends on goals, needs and budget. With some of our clients with ambitious goals, we work with continuous SEO Sprints. Where others just need 2-3 Sprints a year. It’s all about which solutions make the most sense and bring the most value to your business.

The price completely depends on your business goals with SEO. Book a free meeting with us to hear about the possibilities.

What can an SEO Sprint look like for your B2B business?🏃🏽

Founder & SEO Specialist

Casper Hornstrup

Founder & SEO Specialist

Casper Hornstrup