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Webflow is a web design tool, hosting platform and a CMS. Webflow is known for being able to code websites visually while all the code is being written and managed behind the scenes. Design, flexibility and responsiveness are high priorities of Webflow.

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Webflow has a high efficiency as it is possible to design, build and animate with an instant feedback. So you can see the result immediately, and can publish it with one click.


Webflow has an intuitive drag and drop function, which of course strengthens the user-friendliness and overview when editing.


When using the visual builder in Webflow, it automatically enters the code. If you have development skills yourself, you can go in and edit / add to the code.


Webflow also provides the ability to integrate with Zapier, and all apps affiliated. These are, for example, Google apps, CRM systems and payment gateways.


Webflow provides efficient design options for all screen sizes. Both desktop, tablet, mobile and several screen sizes in between.


New website in Webflow ?

Webflow is optimized for modern design with parallax elements, animations and a high focus on the visual. If you are interested in a website that really stands out and catches attention, then Webflow is an obvious choice.

Weblow also allows for e-commerce, ie built-in webshop. However, it is not an optimal choice for a large shop with many products and features. Here we recommend other systems. On the other hand, Webflow with a shop can be ideal for a shop with very few products that can be combined with a strong visual style.

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